Embrace the future: The Future of digitization. Why we still don't get it (english) am 27.04.2021

19:00 - 20:30
Welcome  international community of Frankfurt, 

it's great to have you onboard. This year we believe it is time to embrace the future together with you. 

While the world has never felt as much in flux as it does now, we want to identify and embrace international topics that will shape our future and create a network of international orientated people in Frankfurt and around the world. 

In April, we have the honour of talking to Futurist Michael Carl about the future of digitization. Why we still don't get it. Michael leads the carl institute for human future and has done a lot of research about our shared future. 

 Here are a few questions he will give us an outlook on:

  • What is digitization really? 
  • Why do we hardly see the full picture of our shared future? 
  • What opportunities are out there for companies? 
You are happily invited to an exciting and insightful exchange with us. 

Sven Damm

International Director - WJ / JCI Frankfurt 

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