Anti- racism basics am 26.11.2020

18:30 -20:30 CET

Anti-racism basics starting the conversation - learn how to build confidence when discussing issues of race.

With the global amplification of the Black Lives Matter movement this event aims to continue the discussion, as the need to develop an understanding of what anti-racism means is needed now more than ever.

But where to start? Firstly being clear on what terms like  anti-racism mean is as good a place to begin. JCI’s global mission is to create leaders for a changing world, and we can also become more inclusive leaders.

As a member-led organisation a good first step in helping to tackle injustice is via our own personal education.

Rachael Shah is JCI Manchester president and this year she led an anti-racism project to help members have the confidence to talk about the issues of racism.

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Veranstaltet von:
Alessa Bluhm