Empowering marginalized groups by recycling e-waste am 23.11.2020

14:00 - 14:30 CET

Learn how to build a powerful digital infrastructure for marginalized groups with a sustainable zero waste and zero cost approach.

The digital transformation has been changing our lives massively. Still not everyone is provided with access to the digital world even though it could be considered a fundamental right. 

This is where JCI Nepal’s e-library comes in. Recycled e-waste is distributed via an e-library that supports marginalized groups. People who lack skills in finding their ways through the digital jungle are educated and trained in a digital education infrastructure setup.

Not only does this project empower marginalized groups, it also contributes to sustainable use of our shared resources. On top of it all JCI Nepal manages to run the project without financial support. 

Zero waste. Zero cost. Maximum access. 

Sen. Ashish Sharma is the National SDG Director of JCI Nepal. He is interested to work on SDG projects and impactful actions in communities. Since JCI Nepal had done lots of innovative projects  Sen. Ashish wants to share his ideas and experience so that it can be support to others. He is also always eager to listen to new ideas to get inspiration for JCI Nepal.



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