From the Ukraine border: National President JCI Rumania: Updates us. am 11.04.2022

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We support not only in a short emotional moment. We remain reliable partner as long as long as this crisis lasts and as long as we are needed.

We invite you to join us for the updates with Alexandra Botos, the National President of JCI Romania:

- How exactly have our donations been invested so far
- What is the current situation, what are the concrete needs at the border?
- What are upcoming tasks, what is needed in perspective.

We have decided to do few things, but to do them well. JCI Romania can rely on us and we get exclusive, up-to-date insights.

Therefore: please to every single Frankfurter: be there on 11.04. and get a personal picture.

Details about our collaboration:

As you can see, we have further professionalized and meanwhile a foundation as a partner and can therefore issue donation receipts and are supported by WJ Hessen.

P.S.: One more request: invite as many people as possible - including guests - to the event on April 11. In personal dialogue it is easiest to see where we can work together most meaningfully. Let's stand together during this time.

If you want to know, what happened at the event on 14.03.2022: 

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