Digital Leadership (english) - Ressort Führung am 02.02.2021


In our times of a rapid transformations, it is not the change that is catching out today’s organizations, but it is the pace of change. Success factors are not big versus small anymore, but fast versus slow; creative and adaptable versus rigid and inflexible.

Great leadership is what makes the difference for success against a failure.

A new type of leader is emerging these days, a digital leader. What makes a digital leader different, than leaders’ generations before? What would a successful non-digital leader additionally need to master it in the complex, rapidly changing and at times overwhelming digital world?

In this interactive virtual facilitation, be prepared to elaborate on the following learning objectives:

  1. What qualities are a must for an effective digital leader?
  2. How to lead successfully and achieve ambitious results in the digital era?
  3. Take your next step towards better digital leadership.

Join us in this event and learn from our speaker Nataliya Wiedemeyer how to develop an understanding of digital leadership. Nataliya is a member of JCI/ Wirtschaftsjunioren Frankfurt, as well as a virtual leader, corporate advisor, trainer, and facilitator. Through online trainings and customized workshops, and team coaching, Nataliya helps leaders and teams to identify the most suitable tools and approaches, embrace different communication styles, cultural diversity and combinations of values, assumptions, and beliefs for a better performance.

We are looking forward to discussing the topic with you and learn more about digital leadership. As digital leadership is a topic that often relates to cross-cultural and cross-lactional teams we decided this meeting to be hold in English, nevertheless if necessary we are able to switch between German and English during the session.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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