Business Success Through Diversity: How? Join the workshop! am 24.11.2020

18:00 - 19:00 CET

Boost your business through diversity and inclusion - how? Join the workshop! 

The diversity of thought, industry and multi-market backgrounds of a company directly impacts the ability to innovate and provides the foundation upon which it is able to help to achieve companies’ business goals. Let’s discuss how and why!’

Diversity in perspectives and experiences is a major key to create a successful business that can adapt over time. We will look at tools for empowering business through diversity and inclusion. We will also discuss how to create an inclusive workplace where all employees can reach their full potential and where teams are more innovative due to diverse approaches to business challenges. Additionally we will be looking at a variety of research and studies to verify the business case on diversity and inclusion being a strategic element to a company's success.


Ulrike Reinhard is JCI Mannheim-Ludwigshafen Past President and Incoming International Affairs Officer . She is a member of JCI Europe Equality & Diversity Taskforce. For almost 20 years Ulrike works in the technology-driven industrial business environment, where she is used to often being the only woman in management. She is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion and believes that it has the potential to be a crucial strategic success factor for companies.   


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