Sustainable Communities to 2030 am 26.11.2020

15:00 - 16:00 CET

How JCI Galway participates in local government to create sustainability and social inclusion?

This session will discuss the role of community impact and how JCI Galway is involved in sustainable development of the community sector in Galway City. As active citizens of Galway, How does JCI Galway work and represent over 200 Non-Government Organisations in the city to ensure diversity, equality and social inclusion in the city. How doe’s JCI Galway participate in the local government process?

JCI Galway is hosting this programme as a member of Galway City Community Network (PPN) which supports over 200+ NGO organisations to promote diversity, equality and social inclusion in the City. Our organisation has represented the community sector for over 6 years and now are working on sustainable development for 2030.

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