Tips and tricks to help you mitigate intercultural conflicts in the workplace am 24.11.2020

16:30 -17:30 CET

Intercultural misunderstandings can occur at many levels – not only between people from different countries, but also from different organizational or professional cultures. Misunderstandings can lead to frictions, and such frictions can significantly harm businesses. 

This short but interactive training session aims to equip participants with a few simple tools to help them mitigate intercultural conflicts in the workplace. A heightened awareness for different ways of seeing the world and doing things allows for more effective communication.

Your trainer Maria Deutsch currently serves as the International Officer in the board of JCI Frankfurt, Germany. She first trained as a Cultural Sensitivity Trainer with AIESEC during her student days. Since then, she has been working at the intersection of Japanese and European businesses, and seen how intercultural conflicts can harm projects, but also helped mitigate many communication impasses.

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