Excommunication of Roma women through the aspect of forced marriages am 23.11.2020

19:00 20;00 CET

No stereotypes can be justified if the child's life is endangered.

Child marriage among the Roma population represents a serious violation of human rights around the world. The result is the exclusion of girls from education, an increased mortality rate, poverty and domestic violence. They often live in complete poverty unprepared for marriage, with no perspective.

How to empower young Roma women? How to make a positive impact? How to fight together for a better future for young women and create models that will become role models for young Roma women?

Julijana is an Expert Representation Associate and Human rights defender. Julijana is JCI Serbia National President 2020.

She will hold this lecture because of the importance to protect Roma children‘s lifes and save their future.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julijana-miljković-296411110

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