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Datum Do, 09.03.2017

Zeit Starting 17:30, 19h Networking with the Frankfurt school

Ort Frankfurt School of Business and Management

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Robots as an instrument of “Industry 4.0“ - past, present and future

Executive Talk with Thomas Werner, CEO, Robofunktion GmbH

Will a robot replace you sometime soon?

Are you really sure that you can safely answer with a resounding “no”? Or …? Join us for a mind-opening afternoon talk with a person who does not have the crystal ball either, but who has been deeply involved with the robotization of work for many years.


Robots as an instrument of “Industry 4.0” - past, present and future

Thomas Werner, CEO, Robofunktion GmbH

Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 17.30h

Room 20

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Sonnemannstraße 9-11

60314 Frankfurt am Main


Digitalization and automation of the workplace are all around us. If you are in manufacturing or services, robots are increasingly replacing humans in performing many repetitive and transactional tasks. And given the speedy advances of artificial intelligence, one wonders where the limits are … This informative session introduces you to some basic facts about “Industry 4.0” from the robot perspective: a broad view of today's robot technology, automation of manual workflows, automation possibilities in your own factory or office, criteria for choosing the right robot, tips to select a proper automation partner, basics of the robot commissioning, and many other important ideas that will bring you up to speed. In particular if you are a manager who might, possibly, become a robot-ager at some point.

Following the talk, we invite you to enjoy our usual networking event and mingle over some drinks and snacks.


Thomas Werner is CEO of Robofunktion GmbH, a robot-focused company founded in 1999, that is responsible for education, certification and prototype-programming for the robots of one of the most automated car manufacturers in the world. Beyond this operational service, Robofunktion is providing several other production companies and the biggest robot constructors worldwide with software engineering for robot applications, optimization of robot processes, and education.http://www.trainerauskunft.de/mitglieder/pics/23735_1.jpg

Thomas also lectures at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences located in his hometown Wolfsburg, the DLR German Aerospace Center in Braunschweig, the Volkswagen Academy, and several other technical academies and colleges.

Last but not least, Thomas currently is a member of the Executive MBA Class of 2018 at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. His goal is to build an own humanoid robot that is able to live up to his childhood expectations of what the 21st century would look like.