25 Feb


"Inclusive leadership" - with Nurain Janah from JCI New Zealand.

Trainings "Inclusive leadership" - with Nurain Janah from JCI New Zealand.

Datum Di, 25.02.2020

Zeit 19:00 -20:30

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Anmeldeschluss Di, 25.02.2020

"Inclusive leadership"  Empowerment Programm of the Equality & Diversity Taskforce of JCI Europe

JCI Europe's Equality & Diversity Taskforce is proud to present our empowerment program, which is a series of free webinars! They are open to anyone interested in participating.

JCI Europe's Equality & Diversity Taskforce designed a 12-month empowerment program for our members and also with the target audience of people from different marginalized groups in society. By involving everyone, JCI members and people outside of JCI the JCI Europe's Equality & Diversity Taskforce wants to empower them to go further in their leadership roles but also to challenge the current structures of power, with the aim of a more inclusive society with equity. 

The webinars will be hosted on Clickmeeting - an online meeting platform. They will include a presentation of the topic at hand as well as open discussion with the participants. Please register for the webinars that you would like to attend, and we will send you the participation link and further information. For further information Aand registration  https://www.facebook.com/events/2587390754917637/ 

Das zweite Webinar des Programs findet zum Thema: "Inclusive leadership " statt. Was muss sich in unsere Gesellschaft aber auch in unseren Strukturen ändern, um Diversität und Inklusion voranzutreiben. Darüber spricht Nurain Janah, JCI New Zealand.

Anmelden ist ganz einfach über den folgende Link: rkeyeirksdttir.typeform.com/to/Ch4lDU?fbclid=IwAR1YWkHOoWV74dG9vhYFtcDFlgP9UrExohBn3NTVDnf8DS8lvDfgM5A5cr8