25 Sep


Infoabend / Welcoming to the Wirtschaftsjunioren - who we are

Dear guest,

tonight you will have a brief overview on the options the Wirtschaftsjunioren offer in Frankfurt, in Germany and as part of an international network of young entrepreneurs, young active and aspiring leaders.

You are warmly welcome to join. Today the event will be held in English as we invite expatriats whom we met at the Newcomers\' Network to join as well!

There will be some snacks in case you are just coming straight from work and there will be plenty of opportunity to network with the other participants as well.

We are looking forward to seeing you and to eventually become an important part of this network we are so proud of.

So you see, we are really excited to welcome you to our already exciting network! Why you ask? Because we believe in give-and-take. The more amazing and interesting people there are, who share their expertise and energy, the more exciting this network becomes for every single one of us.

See you soon!