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Discussion dinner : Refugees coach inspires with sport !

Discussion dinner : Refugees coach inspires with sport !

Datum Do, 23.11.2017

Zeit 19:00

Ort Erta Ale, Leipziger Straße 47, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

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Anmeldeschluss Do, 23.11.2017

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to our next discussion group with the speaker Michell Tripscha, coach fur refugees in Frankfurt.

Michell Tripscha will share his vision, ambition, and passion to impact the society by helping and coaching young refugees since years.

Michell aim is to enable participants to unfold their potential. He is a the coach on the soccer field as well and in the creative sessions.

Michell gives 6 months workshops which include a :

Vision - get a clear vision for your path
Mission - how do I contribute to society with my work/education?
Values - which are my values? Can I follow the work I do according to my values? 
Passion - find out your passion through your own biography
Skills - reflect about your skills, are they serving you to follow your passion? 
Purpose - What do I REALLY want to achieve with my life and how does that fit to my values? 
How to improve your self-consciousness.

http://changesport.de/2017/08/22/vi …

Impact: Young refugees are motivated, resilient, less worries, appreciation, fun, responsibility, leadership, self-confidence, gratefulness, thoughtfulness, team skills, freedom, focus, courage, acceptance, inspiration according to Joblinge 2016.

Looking forward to inspiring you! 
Laura Massilamany 
International department Lead JCI 


The main objectives of the International Department are to open horizons and to build bridges between people and cultures. We organize presentations, projects, and training dealing with intercultural topics, international and interpersonal relationships. The events provide unique opportunities to learn about the social behavior, business habits and the ways of life of different origins. All meetings are held in English.