Personal Meeting with Max Maslennikov (JCI President of Ukraine) and Ilya Odenzov ( President of Dnipro Chapter, Ukraine)

7. November 2022 19:00

Ressort Internationales


Dear Jaycess,

the coming Monday we have the rear opportunity to get to know personally the JCI President of Ukraine 2022 Max Maslennikov and his colleague Ilya Odenzov.
Our meeting will take place either at IHK Frankfurt or in a cosy restaurant in a city center.

The visit of the colleagies is very spontaneous, so we did not plan a big program. It should be the opportunity to get to know each other, do some networking, ask questions and get answers.

Max and Ilja visit only JCI Frankfurt, JCI Mannheim and go back to Ukraine.

Please, get registered, if you would like to wellcome them in Frankfurt.

Best regards,

Valeriya Kravchenko

Member of the Board, International Department


Valeriya Kravchenko
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