Virtual Multitwinning Meeting


15. April 2021 19:30-21:30



Dear Members of WJ Frankfurt,

a few months have passed since we last talked with our Multitwinning partners from JCI Lyon, WJ Leipzig, JCI Budapest, JCI Aurajoki (Turku), JCI Esja (Reykjavik) and JCI Birmingham.

In the meantime, all of our chapters have welcomed new members and started new activities.
We look forward to catching up with our friends from the six chapters, to meeting their new members and to learn about their current projects.

Join us on April 15 from 19:30 on Zoom!

*Multitwinning: A mutual partnership of several JCI chapters.
Our Multitwinning started decades ago with sister cities of Frankfurt (Lyon, Budapest, Birmingham, Leipzig), and has expanded to a total of 7 chapters now. 

Each year a different city hosts a Multitwinning weekend. Its goal is to share experiences, to expand our nets at a European level and to build stronger friendships. Former participants of Multitwinning weekends can attest that these are a lot of fun, great learning experiences, and allow to see other countries through the eyes of a local.