World Citizen Experience


26. November 2020 10:00 - 11:30 CET



Living in a world that feels like home everywhere

We are all equally deserve to love and be loved, no matters what


Are you a world citizen? Are you interested in different cultures? Be ready for your new journey around the world

What if I say you don't need to travel that far to have the World Citizen Experience

We are going to talk about :

What makes us World Citizens. How can different cultures be in harmony? What can be an experience that brings you closer to each other. Know how can you be part of a movement that brings everyone a cultural understanding

Could our life just be black and white?

Is there something that we can do about labeling and assuming things about others?

We are going to talk about:

What is love? How are we built up? What is LGBTQ Community? What issues are we facing around the world? What could be possible solutions?


Renátó Molnár is life coach from Hungary, world citizen, open-minded, adventurer and was a member of JCI Hungary. He loves to meet new cultures, people around the world, that's why I want to bring you this experience.I am Renátó Molnár, life coach from Hungary, open-minded, caring a lot about others, helping the best way I can. I see LGBTQ community has it's issues and I can't stand discrimination or inequality, that's why I thought to raise awareness about it.

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