JCI Multitwinning Frankfurt 2017

10International JCI Chapters
40Participants from all over Europe
4Days of Fun, Friends and JCI Spirit

JCI Multitwinning 2017

Dear friends,
the Multitwinning in Frankfurt is getting closer. We are excited to greet you here and work and plan since last summer to offer you an unforgettable stay.

Here, we will provide you with all necessary information. Soon we’ll also inform you how to register.

Best wishes,
The Multitwinning Team 2017

Participating JCI Chapters

  • Aurajoki (Finland)
  • Esja (Island)
  • Lyon (France)
  • Birmingham (United Kingdom)
  • Budapest (Hungary)
  • Leipzig (Germany)
  • Frankfurt (Germany – Hosting Chamber)

Guest Chapters

  • Reykjavik (Island)
  • Espoo (Finland)
  • Central (Mongolia)

Register for the 2017 Multitwinning in Frankfurt am Main

Early Bird until May 31st

€ 199*

Regular Ticket from June 1st

€ 249

*To recieve the early bird price, your registration AND your payment have to be received by JCI Frankfurt until May 31st

Registration is open

To register for the 2017 Multitwinning, use the following link:
Register for the 2017 Multitwinning in Frankfurt am Main.

Included are:

  • participation in the official program
  • food at lunch time and at dinner
  • entrance fees of the official program
  • transportation with the group
  • home stay (in case you get a confirmation for private accomodation at the home of a member of JCI Frankfurt)

Not included are

  • unofficial program before the official start on Thursday evening
  • unofficial program after the official end on Monday after lunch
  • after program (like pub crawl, etc.) in the evenings
  • accomodation (in case we cannot provide you with private accomodation)
  • transportation between your accomodation (whether it’s home stay or a hotel or a hostel or …) and the meeting points
  • transportation between the airport/ station/ etc. to and from your accomodation (also we’ll try our best to get it organized)

Multitwinning 2017 Program – Falling in love with Germany

Official Program


  • welcome evening (official start)


  • reception by the city of Frankfurt with small snack
  • interactive city tour
  • company visit
  • river cruise


  • workshops
  • leisure time (for shopping, alternatively visit of the birth house of the German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe with small museum)
  • summer party of JCI Frankfurt


  • surprise event (hint: with visit and tasting)


  • company visit
  • farewell (official end)

The program cannot be guaranteed and may have to be changed for whatever reason. Of course we'll look after you, so food is included (lunch time and dinner time).


We already have settled plenty of private accommodations and work hard to be able to give every guest the opportunity for home stay. As long as we don’t have „a place to sleep“ for all participants, we only can provide home stay on a first come first served basis. As far as home stay is provided, it is free of charge.

In case you are offered home stay, it might only last from Thursday to Monday (during the official program), so please check with your hosts if it is ok with them to arrive a day earlier or to leave a day later.


Join our facebook group for the latest updates.

Unofficial Program

This unofficial program is not included in the participation fee.


  • Sightseeing
  • Party


  • Sightseeing (until afternoon, before the official program will have started)
  • Frankfurt Nightlife (after the welcome evening)


  • Frankfurt Nightlife (after the river cruise)


  • Frankfurt Nightlife (after the surprise trip)


  • Sightseeing (after the official program will have ended)


  • Sightseeing

The single sightseeings depend on the number of guests who will already arrive on Wednesday (July 26th) or on Thurday morning respectively who will leave on Monday evening or on Tuesday (Aug. 01st).

The unofficial program is completely on everyone’s own expenses. Any private accomodation provided may only last from Thursday to Monday, so please check with your hosts if arriving a day earlier or leaving a day later is ok with them.

See you soon in Frankfurt am Main

Axel Brodehl

Axel Brodehl

Project Lead
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Alessa Bluhm

Alessa Bluhm

Programme Manager
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Team Members

  • Andreas Ellenberger: Workshops
  • Tim Heiler: Website and Nightlife Program
  • Christiane Starke: Home Hospitality
  • Gabriele Breuninger: Welcome
  • Thomas Blechschmied: Food
  • Rico Förster: Transportation
  • Stefanie Kaulich & Uwe Beyer: City Tour
  • Karoline Reimann & Haiko Harms: Pickup Service
  • Eva Brodehl: Unofficial Program
  • Julia Rieche & Jan Reiter: Controlling


  • There is no guarantee for the correctness of the shared information.
  • Also, the program might be due to changes.
  • As we are no travel agency and do not earn anything by providing this event, we cannot give any liablitiy. With your registration, you also accept that any liablity is excluded.
  • Please make sure that you have a health insurance covering your trip to Frankfurt
  • With your registration you accept that pictures will be taken and might be used for JCI promotions (website, facebook, broschures, etc.)
  • With your registration you will accept that your personal data will be used for organisational reasons (for the Multitwinning) and will be shared with the participants (name, JCI chapter, mail address, cell phone number).
  • In case you register, you confirm that you are aware of all above conditions. With your registration, you accept all conditions at the website and in the disclaimer.

Click here to register for the 2017 Multitwinning in Frankfurt am Main.